Veloutee Crème Cleanser  or Gentle Pearl Soap and Water for those who prefer a Soap & Water Wash

***Some people like to purchase both cleansers and rotate. ( **We believe at least once a week it pays to use our Gentle Soap and Water Wash in order to help keep skin clear)

Anti-Aging Specialty Scrub (helps spots, wrinkles, blemishes)

Herbal Hydrating Toner (brings clarity to the skin and softens your look while creating more moisture to the skin)

Extreme Hydration for day and night is a very rich but light and sheer moisturizer

Help Moisturizer for summer in rotation with Extreme Hydration for dryer times

Special Mix Night Serum (one of a Kind)  A true Serum used every night to create new elastin and new collagen. Special Mix also has the ability to penetrate the pore wall a little every night,which cleans out the pore wall and gives a more refined look to the skin.  Special Mix greatly helps all skin types.