Oily/Combination/Adult Acne

Beginners selection for Oily/Combination $115.00

Gentle Pearl Soap & Water Wash

Specialty Scrub  (created to help solve Breakouts and prevent wrinkles)

Herbal Hydrating Toner (a spray on Toner with moisture not oil)

Help Moisturizer (the perfect moisturizer)



This Skin Type is oily in the T-Zone and sometimes dry in other places. Also this Skin Type can be prone to breakouts.

The Solution to keeping this Skin Type looking its best is ROTATION.  You have to learn to listen to your skin. Your skin is always talking to you and telling you what it needs. Sometimes in the winter you might need to go to a crème cleanser instead of Soap and Water but you ROTATE. There will be days, especially in the summer you may not need any moisturizer except in the eye area and neck.

We also created a Herbal Hydrating Spray Toner which gives you moisture without oil. By using Herbal Hydrating Toner it keeps you from over moisturizing and sets your skin up and gives it a good Ph Balance.

DID YOU KNOW? By the time you see a Breakout, Whitehead, Blackhead with your visible eye it has taken six to eighteen months to form.


I battled ACNE all my life. I met Trisha Howard in the post office one day standing in line. When she told me she battled acne for 28 years I knew she had the answers for me. I got on Blue Calla in probably 1993 and have used in since. I might add that I had even used accutane for many, many years but with Blue Calla I was able to stop that cycle of defeat.  I have not broken out in years and I am a Oily/Combination skin type.           N. Ashley

“It sounds silly that a facial product line changed my life, but in truth, Blue Calla did just that. I developed acne at 14 and steadily my skin became worse and worse. I made frequent trips to the dermatologist and tried almost everything. Because money was not an issue, I spent thousands of dollars. I met a girl with the most beautiful skin I had seen and she told me about Blue Calla. My years of praying for answers paid off”.  T. Ottembrajt

My mother put me on Blue Calla when I was a teenager and I have used Blue Calla for twenty years. I battled acne in the beginning but have not had any problems in many years. People tell me all the time my skin is beautiful . I know there are lots of products out there but I am so satisfied and besides I look way younger than I am.                     J. Burdick