The Blue Calla Story


Blue Calla is a Nationwide mail order and a true Skincare Company. Blue Calla was established in 1993. Our Mission is to create non-toxic skincare that helps solve skin problems you thought you had to live with. At the same time, Blue Calla Skincare helps you stay young looking without jeopardizing your health and well being. With that goal in mind Blue Calla has created products for all different skin types such as Dry/Dehydrated, Oily/Combination, Rosacea/Sensitive, Normal, Acne/Cystic Acne.


Trisha Howard heads up Research and Development for Blue Calla Skincare. Trisha became a licensed Aesthetician in 1977 and has worked in some of the Worlds leading facial salons such as The Greenhouse, Neiman Marcus, Christine Valmy, Facial Firm, Body Boutique, Adrianne Arpel, Doctor’s Weekley and Beaudoing and many, many more. Trisha has had the favor of many leading dermatologists and they were instrumental in shaping her career to be what it is today.

Imagine being thrust into a field that you were born for, however, you have Cystic Acne and scarring over most of your face and to top it off, your skin looks like a piece of leather. That describes the state of Trisha’s skin when she first became an Aesthetician/Facialist in l977.

By 1983 Trisha began experimenting with different ingredients which led her to develop her first product. People were seeing a huge difference in her skin and she began selling, what is now the Anti-aging Scrub. At the same time, she realized the market needed an entire line that people could depend upon. Through the years as Trisha evolved into different skin types, she has created products that worked for her and she has passed them on to the consumer.

It is 2024 and we are more excited than ever to help as many people as possible.