Skin Type: Acne/Rosacea/Sensitive

It sounds silly that a facial product line changed my life, but in truth, Blue Calla did just that. I developed acne at 14 and steadily my skin became worse and worse. I made frequent trips to the dermatologist and tried almost everything. Because money was not an issue I spent thousands of dollars. I met a girl with the most beautiful skin I had seen and she told me about Blue Calla. My years of praying for answers paid off.

Tara O

Blue Calla

I have used Blue Calla for about twenty five years; and I plan to use it consistently for the rest of my years! I say consistently because initially I did bounce back and forth between Blue Calla and other products sold in shiney packages that promised to be the next miracle product. I am finished straying to other lines. Blue Calla helps make my skin radiant and it’s fragrance free = no stinky-smell surprises!

I was diagnosed with rosacea many years ago and I tried the dermatologist approach, but my skin didn’t improve. When I switched to Blue Calla, and I stayed with it, the redness and irritation of my complexion has calmed down completely. Now I’ll go out in public without foundation and people compliment my skin! This has been true even though I am in treatment for cancer (the chemo can really mess with the skin) but not when I use Blue Calla!

My go-to products are Veloutee Creme Cleanser, Herbal Hydrating Toner, Specialty Scrub, Help Moisturizer, Advanced Results Night Serum, plus Dry Skin Moisturizer and Advanced Peel Solution as needed. It may sound like a lot of products, but it really is an easy regimen to follow and it’s affordable. And it’s so fun to receive compliments about my skin from strangers and friends alike! After all, who doesn’t want radiant skin?

Veronica Vrotsos

I have used Blue Calla for more than 10 years. Two of my favorite products are the Help Moisturizer and the Foundation. Help is so smooth and silky on my face and makes my face feel soft to the touch. And, the makeup is flawless and covers my uneven skin tone. Whatever skincare products you buy, you will love!

Anita Johnson

I have been using Blue Calla products since 2005. In 2005, I was in my mid-30’s and I had begun getting crows feet around my eyes. Once I began using Blue Calla, the crows feet went away – never to return. My skin feels so soft after using these products. I have referred my sister and others to Blue Calla and they love the products too. People consistently tell me that I look 10 years younger than my current age. I am a customer for life.

Katie Owen

I had always had red, rashy, sensitive skin that I did not take care of when I was very young. When I was 30, I decided to ditch the safeguard soap and try to take care of my skin. I used a lot of the high end brands like Clinique and Dr Payot ( which was “the best” of the times from Neimans). They all left my skin rashy. I stumbled upon some
“Help” moisturizer from Blue Calla and thought I had found heaven.

That’s when I started exploring and using all of the products in the Blue Calla Skin Care System and it was 30 years ago. Part of the routine when I get home after a long day is not only to take off my bra- but to take off my minimal make up and do my skin routine with Blue Calla, which takes just a minute. To not do that would be like sleeping with my bra on! I use the entire line of Blue Calla and love them all.

Best of all, people stop me to tell me how nice my skin looks and to ask me what I use. Patricia is a genius and a life saver. She truly cares about her products, you and your skin! Love her and Blue Calla. Try it–you won’t be sorry.

Susie Foley - Fort Morgan, Alabama

Skin Care has never been a passion of mine. However, wanting to look my best, I had no alternative.
It was 20 years ago when I discovered Blue Calla’s “Scrub,” I was convinced. It was so good that
I came to love caring for my skin and began using each and every product. Thank you, Blue Calla.

I was referred by a friend to Blue Calla and Trisha in my early 20s for my then, cystic acne. Finally! I found products that worked and didn’t irritate my skin…..and no harmful side effects! Fast forward a few years…and suddenly……I lost Trisha! Her website was down…I couldn’t get through on the phone. Needless to say, I was devastated. What would I do now??? Over the years I tried a SEVERAL other products on the mark from cheap to expensive…….and the results were always the same: my skin was either was irritated or dull and dry. Then a miracle happened. About a month ago, for some reason, I tried to find Blue Calla again…..probably over desperation and frustration. And there it was! I called the number…and hearing Trisha’s voice almost made me cry! I am now in my early 40s….no acne….but just looking for something for my dull, lifeless skin…and wrinkle prevention. Trisha’s products are the BEST! Her “scrub”…..well let’s just say that if I was stranded on a deserted island and allowed to have my top 5 things…that scrub would be with me. It is a TRUE game changer. Within 5 days of using her regimen of products….my skin did a complete 180. Youthful, plump, hydrated, younger….need I say more?! Regardless of your skin issues, your age, where you live……her products are the best. In fact, after that 5 days….I took my garbage can to the bathroom and dumped every skincare product in my medicine cabinet and cupboard…..regardless of how much I spent…..because now that I found Blue Calla again…I’m NOT going back to anything else! Ever!

Christie W.

I have been using some of the BlueCalla products since 2014. I started with them when my best girlfriend, Fred, gave me the referral. She has been using them since 1993 and has beautiful skin. I really like the Pearl soap. I use their Help lotion on my face and rarely have any complexion issues. Also, the cleansing scrub is great for exfoliating, but I don’t use it every day. Once you place your order, you will usually have it by the next day. Very customer friendly outfit!

Tobi Bedell

“I’ve been using Blue Calla for 19 years now. Before Blue Calla, I was using a high priced over the counter skin care system that was recommended by a Dermatologist. It was not unusual for my face to feel stiff and be red. Since I started using Blue Calla, my face has stayed clear and very soft! …..Sue H.”


I have been a Blue Calla client for 25+ years! I can’t imagine starting or ending my day without it! So easy to purchase and it comes right to your front door! I credit Blue Calla with my youthful skin!

Melinda Musselman

I have been using BLUE CALLA skin products for over 10 years. My friends are always asking me how I keep my skin so clear & shiny. It’s BLUE CALLA! The scrub is my favorite ❤️

Joan O'Briant

After using Blue Calla consistently for a month, my skin tone was more vibrant and youthful looking. The scrub is exhilarating and I LOVE how simple it is to use while in the shower! Recently, I purchased the peel and noticed after 7 days how the fine lines in my face were dramatically reduced. Thank You for this FABULOUS product line 🙂 I Highly recommend this to everyone wanting to look 10+ years younger!

Lisa Kosters

I’ve been using Blue Calla products for almost 10 years. They are Fabulous. They help me with my dry skin and make me look very moisturised and young. I’m Hispanic, the products seems to help me a lot with my type of skin. I recommend this product for anyone that wants to look great and take advantage of these fine products


I am Latina and have used Blue Calla Skin care for over 14 years. I must honestly say, my skin feels and looks so fantastic! I am very pleased that I can go out with minimal makeup at times and feel confident because my skin color tone is even. I just don’t have to worry about it. I also feel good especially that that it’s non-toxic, so I feel good I am being good to my body. I am a firm believer of this fine product! My teenage daughter has started using it now and loves it! I won’t use anything else.


I have been using Blue Calla now for 8+ years and I have never been happier!

I am very careful of what I put on my skin…I was diagnosed back in 2011 with stage 4 lymphoma cancer – praise God I am clear for the last 5 years!

So I only want the best, purest products to touch my skin. Blue Calla is second to none! Excellent quality product with 100% satisfaction guaranteed!

I use all of the products…face wash, toner, eye cream, face cream, serum, scrub, peel and foundation…my skin looks fabulous! (insert proper names of the items)

At one point after my chemo my skin was not the same and developed some sort of rash/irritation that would not go away for months. Went to dermatologist

Their cream (poisonous) didn’t work, but Trish helped me get rid of the rash and my skin has never been better!

I constantly get compliments on how clear and youthful looking my skin is…I am 54 years old and have always been a sun lover. Blue Calla has improved

My skin 500%…I will use nothing else! Thank you Trish! LOVE BLUE CALLA!

Annick Gunn

I got my face back!

I was 18, just starting college, when I had my very first and worst breakout. I had always just had a zit or two once a month. It got so bad, I would’ve told you it was ruining my life. Acne stole my confidence for about a year. I tried everything, spending hundreds of dollars on so many different products (expensive, so the best right? No!), and it only seemed to make my skin even more unhealthy- drying, scaring, burning, red. I was over it. That was when my aunt and cousin recommended Blue Calla, and I was so excited after everything they told me, plus their skin is flawless. My aunt doesn’t have a single wrinkle, and has the most radiant skin- I mean RADIANT! My cousin looks 10 years younger than every other woman her age- plus she’s a twin mom, so like surely she’d have like one or two wrinkles, right? Not a single one y’all! It gave me my face back. I will use Blue Calla every single day for the rest of my life. Frankly, I look forward to it every morning/night. It didn’t take long at all for my face to be completely renewed. PS get the scrub!! My scars are gone! Thank you so much Trisha!! You are a life changing genius!!

Alex Aulds


I have been using Blue Calla products since 2002 after my disappointment with certain high end department store products. I am now in my early 60’s and still have people complimenting me on my skin and asking what line of products I use. I will always be a Blue Calla customer! There is nothing more effective.

Audrey Fell

Truly the best!

I am Alex Aulds‘s aunt that she referred to in her testimonial of having radiant skin. I have used Blue Calla for approximately 11 years and I love it! I will be 60 years old in a few weeks. We have six grandchildren. Many times when I am with them, people think I am their mother, not their grandmother. Yesterday, my daughter and I were together, and someone thought we were sisters. It is all because of Blue Calla and Trisha’s advice and wisdom. Blue Calla is truly the best!

Debbie O., Fort Worth, Texas

Fixed my red, blotchy skin

I was a little hesitant to try a new skincare routine but after meeting Trisha in person and seeing her skin (amazing), I knew I had to learn her secret. Further, she explained that my skin was red (had been this way for years) because of the products that I had been using and to trust her and give it time. I did. It took several weeks but I no longer have the red, blotchy skin. I am impressed and recommend her products.

Terry Grim, Atlanta GA

Best Products for Acne and Sensitive Skin

I developed acne in my early 20’s….it was cystic…..severe….and so embarrassing….I tried every dermatology remedy and even extreme drugs like accutane (which has now been taken off the market)

At age 29, a coworker told me about her Blue Calla skin care regiment and I decided to try the products.

I am now nearing 49, and after 20 years….I still use ONLY Blue Calla……and most people don’t believe me when I share my age… teen daughter now uses Blue Calla too!

If I run out of any of my Blue Calla and try to sub in even some of the better name products and makeups…I always regret it and my skin reacts quickly and badly…..

I watch commercials about other products and their claims and it makes me laugh because I know they are wrong about their products and I have the best with Blue Calla….

I love the:
Loose Powder
Pearl Wash (morning and night)
Anti aging Scrub (Favorite, every other morning)
Advance Results Night Serum (2-3x week)
Advanced Peel Solution (1x month)
Advanced Eye Cream (nightly)
Help Moisturizer (nightly)
Toner spray (morning)

Kristin G, Rockwall Texas

Life changing!

These products are like none other on the market. The cleansers and moisturizers provide hydration truly based on your skin type. The scrub is life changing! Also, I know from personal experience that Trisha’s skin advice is the best! I have been using these products for better than 10 years, have tried other products in between and have found nothing as good as these.



I’ve been using Blue Calla for about 8 years and love how soft my skin feels. My skin is sensitive and this product line does not break me out at all!! Finding a reliable solution that I can afford was such a blessing. I highly recommend this product line to all ages!!

Kim J


BLUE CALLA SKIN CARE IS AWESOME!! From the beginning of the creation of these incredible products this skin care has proven to be the best!! I personally witnessed the change it made in Trisha’s skin…almost unbelievable but true!!! My daughter was 16 when she started having these little bumps all over her face. It was just rough and did not look like young skin. She and I began to use the Specialty Scrub and Help Moisturizer! Her skin just continued to become smoother and smoother. She was hooked and we continued to use Blue Calla for many years. Somehow we drifted away from these produces when we moved and she got married several years later. Now she too has a daughter who is 17 and her skin was starting to show the same issues. Also I am getting older and unfortunately I have neglected myself for years. Finally, I thought “What am I doing? I have access to the best skin care I have ever seen!” I have many brands, some of which were well known and quite expensive. I looked up Blue Calla last month on the internet and purchased that perfect Specialty Scrub and Help Moisturizer. I shared a little with my granddaughter who said “Grandma, this is SO GREAT!!” My daughter has also decided to return and her son, who is 14, said “Grandma may I have some too?” From the first time I used the scrub my face felt totally different. It was soft and smooth again. ONE application and I could actually see and feel the change. I am just loving it!! Wish I had never drifted away. So now all four of us will be showing off our great skin! YOU CAN TRUST BLUE CALLA!

Linda L

My favorite is the Anti-aging scrub.

I love my Blue Calla products. They are simple to use, and more importantly, they are effective. I especially like the scrub. It exfoliates without being too harsh. Great company and great products.

Brenda Collins

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