Acne/Cystic Acne


The first step in ending acne is to acknowledge that you have ACNE and want help. After Acknowledging it, confronting it, NOW you can END it.

DID YOU KNOW? By the time you see a breakout, whitehead, blackhead it has taken six to eighteen months to form. Acne/breakouts are formed by oil that gets trapped inside the pore wall and can’t get out…in other words the pores are all clogged up just like a drain in a sink.

When the pores get clogged, the oil attracts bacteria and over time the bacteria builds up and keeps working its way up to the top layers of the skin. By this time the infection is in all twenty two layers of the skin.

With Blue Calla we have products that get deep inside the pore wall and begin to clean the pores out so the oil can flow freely.. Through much research and years of helping people overcome acne Blue Calla is a tried and proven product that works every time, but you are responsible for using the products , being patient, and not give up. Acne did not get there over night so it can’t be cleared over night, but given time you not only wind up with flawless skin but you look amazing!

Testimonials When I started using Blue Calla people told me later they could really see a difference but they did not want to offend me by telling me I looked so much better. I wish they had said something,….I knew it was working so I did not need their encouragement. I battled acne for 28 years of my life. My skin is flawless now. It took about a year of being diligent morning and night. T. Howard

“Life seemed it would always involve a struggle where my skin is concerned. As an actor I am always in front of the camera. Since using Blue Calla, I can honestly say it has taken the frustration out of my skincare routine. I recommend Blue Calla to everyone. My entire family uses Blue Calla. Don’t even bother with anything else…I tried it all”!
B. Dane

“It sounds silly that a facial product line changed my life, but in truth, Blue Calla did just that. I developed acne at 14 and steadily my skin became worse and worse. I made frequent trips to the dermatologist and tried almost everything. Because money was not an issue, I spent thousands of dollars. I met a girl with the most beautiful skin I had seen and she told me about Blue Calla. My years of praying for answers paid off”.
T. Ottembrajt