Rosacea / Irritated / Breakouts  Blue Calla is the best Treatment for Rosacea.  Blue Calla has been solving Rosacea since 1998.

You look better in just a few day and on top of that you will look years younger.  Blue Calla, if not mixed with anything else, will be the only treatment you will need, as it is, the most effective treatment for Rosacea.

DID YOU KNOW? This skin type is easily solved with Blue Calla. All that is required is to realize by the time you start seeing the redness it has taken six to eighteen months to become visible. Most Rosacea is not really Rosacea. Very few people I have helped over the years have true Rosacea.

By the use of improper products, the life of the skin begins to get squeezed off and constricted which results in a lack of oxygen.  Heat, spicy food, wine especially, exasperates the skin even more. Sometimes just sitting by a window with the sun coming in will increase the redness. But none of the above are the real cause of the problem.

The real cause of the irritation is what you are using or not using on your skin.

Sensitive/Red/Irritated skin is an epidemic now and I call it Chemical/Irritation. Some so called Organic and Natural even encourage the symptoms and make the redness worse. Simply by changing products you will begin to see the skin settle down the first week and wIth  continued use of Blue Calla, skin begins to heal in all layers of the skin.

In 1998 I saw these chemicals hit the cosmetic market. I thought to myself …This will pass but it did not. In fact the chemicals became more widespread and they are in almost every product line.

Testimonials “Stick with Blue Calla….I have been using Blue Calla for about sixteen years. I have tried so many other products but I always come back to Blue Calla and for years and years now I have stayed. I am convinced it is the best thing out there. Also I am in my 50’s and I have no wrinkles. V. Vrotsos

“I spent years working for a major cosmetic company. When I discovered Blue Calla my skin had become irritated/sensitive and red. My cheeks looked like rosebuds. I got on Blue Calla and began to see it calm down. They also advised me to change my foundation and that too really made a difference. I was born with beautiful skin but Blue Calla keeps it beautiful”!     A. Johnson

“I had redness/irritation/bumps/breakouts and my skin was a mess. I was nineteen when I went off to college. Money was not an issue so I spent thousands of dollars on skin care products and it only made me look worse. The problem kept escalating. One day I met a girl with the most beautiful skin and she introduced me to Blue Calla Skincare and I am now 36 and have been on Blue Calla for 17 years. It changed my life!      T Ottembrajt