The easiest Skin Type to treat. It is the most Clear cut except some people even though they are dry still like a Soap & Water Wash. My recommendation is to stick with Soap & Water if that is what you prefer.

The Veloutee Crème Cleanser is a Crème Cleanser without any Soap. Veloutee removes all dirt and foundation without stripping or leaving a greasy film.

This Skin Type needs a rich, but non pore plugging moisturizer which will in turn allow the skin to receive more and more oxygen.. Blue Calla will enable you to see moisture you never thought you had. There is nothing to block the Oxygen so the results are amazing!

With the routine, Wrinkles diminish, skin is softened and a youthful GLOW comes in as little as two days. It resurrects dead, sluggish skin and brings it to new life!

***Later in the program you will want to do Blue Calla Advanced Home Peels…They are Special Order Only.

Testimonials: I was going to a Medical Spa and getting various treatments. They carried Blue Calla Specialty Scrub. I tried that and WOW my skin never felt and looked better.
Eventually I added the entire line and that has been about 10 years ago. I always get the advice I need and they even helped my husband with a skin issue. Blue Calla just continues to help my skin look its best. D Fritsche

“I have been on Blue Calla for twenty years. It never quits working. When I need to look better I just tweak the routine and get more aggressive with the Specialty Scrub. That product works for you and keeps on working. People will say “what have you done”? and I say I just gave the scrub more effort. T. Howard

“I am of age and I get fillers from time to time. With Blue Calla I stopped getting Botox.
Blue Calla seems to enhance my skin and give my skin more volume than with other skincare products. The Night Serum seems to plump up my skin and also makes my skin look more even in color, lighter and brighter. Blue Calla just seems to enhance anything I do. I was spending a lot of money and still wasn’t looking good. With Blue Calla I look so much better and it is noticeable to other people. J. Monroe