Advanced Results Night Serum


L o o k R e s t e d   Special Mix  Advanced Night Serum


For all skin types

Gives skin a natural glow, B E A U T I F U L from within …layer upon layer

L O O K  R E S T E D   Special Mix  Night Serum

As you are sleeping at night, Blue Calla Serum is working its way down into the
underlying layers of skin. It has the ability to penetrate a little each night
to help build new Elastin and new Collagen. L o o k R e s t e d is attacking
the old skin cells and lifting off the old, dead, dull, chalky, waxy look and
helps bring New Life and Brightness. We call it L o o k R e s t e d because that
is the effect it has on your appearance. Restoring New Beauty and vitality to your skin.

Silicone Free—Non-Toxic—Perfume Free—Non Allergenic—Non Pore Plugging

Additional information

Weight .03 oz

2 oz. very concentrated last 4-5 months