I got my face back!

I was 18, just starting college, when I had my very first and worst breakout. I had always just had a zit or two once a month. It got so bad, I would’ve told you it was ruining my life. Acne stole my confidence for about a year. I tried everything, spending hundreds of dollars on so many different products (expensive, so the best right? No!), and it only seemed to make my skin even more unhealthy- drying, scaring, burning, red. I was over it. That was when my aunt and cousin recommended Blue Calla, and I was so excited after everything they told me, plus their skin is flawless. My aunt doesn’t have a single wrinkle, and has the most radiant skin- I mean RADIANT! My cousin looks 10 years younger than every other woman her age- plus she’s a twin mom, so like surely she’d have like one or two wrinkles, right? Not a single one y’all! It gave me my face back. I will use Blue Calla every single day for the rest of my life. Frankly, I look forward to it every morning/night. It didn’t take long at all for my face to be completely renewed. PS get the scrub!! My scars are gone! Thank you so much Trisha!! You are a life changing genius!!