Never been Happier!

I have been using Blue Calla now for 8+ years and I have never been happier!

I am very careful of what I put on my skin…I was diagnosed back in 2011 with stage 4 lymphoma cancer – praise God I am clear for the last 5 years!

So I only want the best, purest products to touch my skin. Blue Calla is second to none! Excellent quality product with 100% satisfaction guaranteed!

I use all of the products…face wash, toner, eye cream, face cream, serum, scrub, peel and foundation…my skin looks fabulous! (insert proper names of the items)

At one point after my chemo my skin was not the same and developed some sort of rash/irritation that would not go away for months. Went to dermatologist

Their cream (poisonous) didn’t work, but Trish helped me get rid of the rash and my skin has never been better!

I constantly get compliments on how clear and youthful looking my skin is…I am 54 years old and have always been a sun lover. Blue Calla has improved

My skin 500%…I will use nothing else! Thank you Trish! LOVE BLUE CALLA!